I've been an avid MT listener for 3 years.  M&M have many podcasts on email and task assigning.  However I can't seem to find any casts on how to manage tasks - both yours and assigned.  Every day I picked up a number I have to execute, assign 5-10 which result in things like future meetings, waiting on answers, etc.  keeping these that are generated via face to face and outlook has mt perplexed

When I was working at home for ten years in a' normal' IT world I tracked tasks via a spreadsheet. I NOW manage in a Agile co located environment , so I am rarely at my laptop for more than an hour a day.  I do have a corporate ipad with me most/some of the time. I usually take notes via pen and paper ( using mighty notes style tags). 


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I don't believe there is a podcast specifically on task management.  There are podcasts on calendar management that touch on aspects of personal productivity, but don't give you a complete approach.

The "Getting Things Done" (GTD) system by David Allen has been mentioned by M&M more than once in podcasts, and IMHO is a terrific approach to keeping track of things.  Searching the net for that phrase will turn up a tremendous number of resources, including home base for GTD,

The community at is pretty on personal task management issues, too.  Search the site before asking your own questions, you may find answers already there.  You'll find GTD information, as well as information about other systematic approaches to keeping yourself on track.

Dennis Sherman

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 I agree with Dennis... GTD.  Implement David Alien's paper folder tickler system in Outlook folders.   Then try for your non-email tasks.  Listen to the podcasts on email 3 times a day and on calendar management.   



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Zooming out to the 50,000 foot level, I have created an Excel Spread sheet that lists my performance objectives at the top. Next are the key projects directly related to those objectives. Below that are my key goals for the month followed by a sentence that says, "My most important goal for September is..."

Below that I have my weekly priorities. These cascade down from my performance objectives to my projects. "My most important goal for the week of September 23 is..." Below that I have one row for each day of the week. Influenced by Drucker, I try to allocate time each day to focus on tasks that link back to my goals and objectives. Monday might be, "Project X" Tuesday might be Meeting Prep for ...."

I update this sheet weekly and print it out and keep a hard copy with me at all times.

Next, I use (pardon what I think is a cheesy title) "The Secret Weapon" in Evernote. It's a GTD based system which I have modified to include a daily "next actions list in priority order. (I learned about it from someone in these forums. Thank you.) Because I have Evernote on all my devices I can access my list all the time.

My Excel spreadsheet may not work for you, but see if using Evernote does.

Good luck