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What have you noticed about yourself that you can attribute to Manager Tools?

I had a good laugh today with my team as I used the word "egregious" in a conversation and then again in an email to a union representative. My colleague had to look up the word and my boss asked if I had swallowed a dictionary! LOL  Thanks Mark; I'm sure I threw that in because I've heard you use it eleventybillion times ;)  Bought me some kudos though!

I admit that I've been using the words "cool", "awesome" and "dude" for many years (I remember a particular occasion about 13 years ago when a recruiter said she started using "cool" because she heard it so often from me.... )

I know that my actions, language and general confidence have improved since listening to MT.  In fact, I can solidly attribute the learning I've received through this amazing community to my recent promotion. This week it was announced that after the resignation of my boss, I have been appointed to Senior HR Executive for our organisation (approx 300+ employees) to head up the HR department. It's a role I've been 'acting as if' for a number  of years and finally, through persistence, professionalism and hard work it has paid off. All of the senior directors and CEO have personally congratulated me and are looking forward to the new era in HR. What an amazing feeling!

Manager Tools accelerates professional maturity. With the conferences, podcasts, show notes, slides and these forums MT is assisting professional individual contributors, managers and executives of today and tomorrow to follow a trusted work ethic which is sorely lacking in many organisations. 

Thank you Mark, Mike, Wendii, Dani and everyone here for such an amazing contribution to improving a society of professional managers and importantly, developing leaders worldwide.  

I am extremely proud to be a member of Manager Tools and to be a part of the paradigm shift to a much improved professional world. 



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Well done on earning your promotion!  Your story highlights the effectiveness of the M-T method.  Thank you for sharing the news of your success with us.

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Well done and congrats!!

 "Manager Tools accelerates professional maturity" - I really like this succinct summation.


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Thank you for your well wishes and comments guys. I'm looking forward to a new era in HR here.'



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Thanks guys; really appreciate the comments!



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Congratulations!  And you're an Aussie too right?  One more local org for the good guys, things are really looking up!


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small things -

I'm working on saying "I have no preference" when I used to say "I don't care"  - culled from the "and not but" podcast 

one on ones

recognizing good management when I see it  - essentially "I see what you did there ...' but not saying that aloud 

how I run my meetings - agenda and so on 



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Hey Mark - thanks!  And yep, an Aussie too ;)  I have a feeling MT is going to go like gangbusters here!

Good points Lisa.  I have to really pull back "I don't care". Thanks for the reminder.  


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I notice behavior more. I look for DISC tendencies and try to act accordingly.  

Also, if it is done, but not reported on, IT IS NOT DONE.


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Congratulations on your promotion!  

 I'll echo the thanks to the MT team.  I'm very thankful for their service to this community.  

I do find myself saying "and" and not "but" now.  

Further, I see changes in my direct's vocabulary, following changes in mine.  They ask if things are "actionable" and talk about "taking action."  And I smile when I hear (often now) "effective."  

I haven't dropped a "galactically stupid" yet - holding that one in reserve.  



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Thank you for the congrats!

I'm also conscious of the "and" not "but".... LOL at saving up "galactically stupid" - there definitely are some gems aren't there?!



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Congratulations on the promotion (from a fellow aust..)

What I have noticed most is that I am having more structured, focused and meaningful conversations with my directs.. the trinity model differs markedly from the one my organisation promotes, which i describe as a 4-6 weekly performance data dump on the individual.  weekly coaching is perceived as being this impossible, fantastic thing (tell 'em they're  At one point I was asked to bring my coaching process in line with my peers and the organisational model, and my directs pushed back.. their feedback to my peers was that they actually enjoy being coached, and developed this way..and given feedback..

Having a plan for developing my people, and now the 'chops' to implement it with passion and confidence is what MT has given me, and i will be forever grateful.

My discipline waivers at times, and the o3's have slipped some weeks i'll admit that, but it only takes one o3 to get back on track and back in love with this system.  I do it because i know it works.

I have a direct who is being coached on 'no interrupting'.  Her husband bought me a carton of beer!

best of luck in your new role..

Shaun (Bris)








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If there was ever any doubt that MT works, we now have absolute proof that it does:

>>Her husband bought me a carton of beer!<<



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For me, the most noticeable change has been in simple behaviors that I engage in every day. Poorly run meetings now annoy me, rather than just being accepted as a cost of doing business, because I know how to do it better and I do it that way. I look for behaviors rather than generalizing attitudes and relate to my co-workers far better than I ever did. My DISC profile should tell you what a jerk I can be to High S's and C's. My head still feels like it is exploding sometimes and I can now smile and stop to chat over things I really do not care about. It has helped my relationships tremendously. I am careful to still be a jerk from time to time because I found a concerted effort to change resulted in people being suspicious and I had a harder time with people who simply accepted my sharp edge. It came off as false and  shallow, probably because I am not an actor.


Despite its proven benefits and (usually) simple  advice, MT is also very troubling. Before I started with M&M, I was not content with the way things were but had no better way to do things. This made the stupid things managers do more palatable because, unless I have a better way, I have to go along with the program in the same way we must support the decision we fought against in the discussion. Now that I know a better way it is much harder to be content and keep my mouth shut when watching peers and bosses make mistakes. I was blissfully ignorant and complained like everyone else but now I abhor such ineffective behavior. That having been said, in some ways their poor behavior helps me because I have one eye.


Ed Zaun

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