I recently had an interview where I was expecting the' tell me about yourself' question, but did not get it in those words. The question I was asked threw me because it was something like 'so what are you looking' for or 'why are you here' or something like that. My question is what are the different ways 'tell me about yourself' is ask. Thanks

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 This Question is very basic and it is been asked by every interviewer , So first of all you start with ,My name is XYZ , I was born in XYZ Country/State, I have done my schooling from XYZ, and did my graduation from XYZ college and Currently done with my masters from XYZ University, Then say about you family like My father Works for XYZ company My Mom She is an house wife and I have a Sister Currently doing XYZ .

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We could walk down the path of figuring out every different variant of this question, which would have approximately zero benefit in my estimation.  Alternatively, I would focus on honing your listening skills during the interview to identify what question is being asked and how you can best answer it using your background.  It doesn't matter if you get, "tell me about yourself," "why are you here today," or "what makes you special" - figure out what they want to know and answer the question. (Bonus points if you use DISC to answer in a way relevant to their communication style!)
Hope this helps and good luck with your interviews.