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Hi all - seeking some more of your astute advice.

I know there are professionals out there who spend the majority of their time working from home - does anyone have a recommendation for where to start looking for these opportunities?  The majority of what I've found in my searches of the major and industry job boards are largely sales, phone support, or sales/business development.  I'm looking more in the area of consulting, post-sales customer relationship management, and project or program management.

By way of background, I've been working remotely in the areas previously listed for the same firm for the past four years, first as a consultant and for the last year as a program manager.  I now find myself being potentially forced into a change so I'm looking into new opportunities. One of the great blessings of working from home for me has been the flexibility it's allowed so I can  be effective at work while helping manage the household. (My spouse has a significant medical condition which requires regular doctor visits and makes caring for our children before and after school very difficult.) As such, I'm looking for a new opportunity which will allow me to continue working from my home the majority of the time with some travel (presently, about 35%).

Any suggestions?

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 Hi Steve


The medical industry (admin side) in the US are putting into action working remotely.  The IT departments went first, now the trainers who are "in motion" to different facilities follow suit in December (where I am at).  This foresee is a trend across the company I am working for.  

For your situation it has great medical coverage for your spouse (once preconditions get wiped in January).

I am in Phoenix AZ and if you want to chat more please email.


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