I am currently working as an Operations Manager for a call center but my backgroud is process design and project management. I have not been in that career for about 12 years but I am looking to go back as Operations is not a good fit for me. I have contnued to work on projects throughout my career but it has not been my sole responsibility.

There is a position for a manager to redesign operational processes which I think would be a good fit for me. I had the opportunity to work with someone in this job role for a week and we got on well. Is it too soon to ask her questions about the job opening? While I know she isn't in a position to "recommend" me after a week I would like to get a sense of what they might be looking for so I can prepare myself for an interview.

I always struggle with what is appropriate for "networking".


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My initial thought was that it depends on your relationship.  However, since you're not looking for a recommendation from her, your simply looking for information go ahead and ask.  And make a point to visit with her frequently.  Add her to your network.  Build a relationship.  It's a lot easier to recommend someone that I know and talk with on a regular basis than someone that did awesome work, once, 5 years ago, and I've not heard from them since.


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