Hey Guys,

What DISC profile(s) would a good admin assistant have?

I have recently been burned with a bad admin hire. I used the manager-tools interviewing guide and follow the other recommendations as well. I was asked to improve our hiring practices by including more interviews and adding personality testing. Naturally, I wanted to use DISC.

Thank you, in advance, for any suggestions you can make.

Michael Boyko

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If you look at the requirements of the job, it usually entails juggling a lot of details, being very organized, but also being the "face" of your team to outsiders, since many times people will deal with the assistant before they get to you or someone on your team, and that person might need to be good at figuring out who wants what and how best to get along with people from all over the organization, maybe even external customers.  For those reasons, I'd want someone with a lot of C *and* S in their profile.