I stumbled on the podcasts and started listing to the basic ones and starting to see the one-on-one being really interesting and could help me and my team a lot.

But i'm struggling to find out how to get this fitted into a team that is scattered across the globe and even languages.

I was trying to fit in 18 one-to-one's while still having a day free + friday free to actually get work done that I need to do....and still having time to attend the 3-4 team other virtual meetings I have to do. .....this seems to be physically impossible ;/

What would you do ? Just do one-on-one with the "top directs" or move to having one-to-one every 2 weeks (bad antipattern).

p.s. I'm currently listening into the virtual team podcast :)

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 I recently asked almost the same question, but without "distributed team" impediment. @see

Mike and Mark stated that O3s on the phone or via skype are totally okay, if done right. I can't tell you more, I have to make my own experience and then I can come back and tell you about it.





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And here's a forum discussion with links to distant manager basics and other recommendations: