Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum. I'm a couple of years out of university, and thanks to MT I am doing well - I am being recognised as a high performer at work and lately I have been given more responsibility. 

I've been thinking about areas I could improve in (I haven't really had any negative feedback that I can work on).

Like Mark, I'm an 'all go' High I/High D, and sometimes I feel like I take shortcuts in my work. For example, I find that I want to move forward without making sure all the stakeholders are on board, or I want to make a quick decision without taking the time to fully investigate all the options. Sometimes i think that I can work out the details later, or that I can try one option and see how it goes. 

I'm lucky to work for a High C who moderates these behaviours, but I'd like to improve. I think that if I can work on these areas I will be trusted with more responsibility.

What would you suggest if you were coaching me? I'd really appreciate any advice you have. 

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] making sure all the stakeholders are on board

Welcome to the forums AussieMTFan.

If you are relatively new to the MT series of casts, there was a specific podcast to help you map out who needs to be involved in a decision.

Also, and perhaps even more important and influential in the series of casts are the classics:

Best of good fortune to you. PM me if you would like to have an off-line discussion about books.