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Mark has mentioned this question in several casts about interviewing, but I've only been able to find detailed explanations about how an interviewee should answer it.

As a hiring manager, I'd like more information about whether I should ask it, how to ask it, and what to look for in the answer. Is there a cast for that?


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Mark and Mike indicate that an Interview_er_ Series will be released soon. However, the how to answer the "Tell Me About Yourself" cast is in the Interviewing Series ... that is where you will find the MT guidance.

If you do not already own the series, in my view, it will provide great perspective on how you want your interviews to progress. I highly recommend it.

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Take the advice they give on how to answer the question and think of how you would like to be asked in order to get that level of information.
Most if the interviews I have been in jump right into "tell me about your resume" which will not lead to the same information.

Nothing wrong with "So Bob, tell me a little bit about yourself".

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Thanks, guys.