Can anyone please suggest a free information management system that is best suited for a start up company? 

I am thinking of consolidating documents,procedures in word/excel files. 

Permissions are critical, as a lot of the info. is designed for certain people/departments only and cant be shared with others. For example training procedures, online marketing notes, etc I would like to know if there are any software solutions freely available for this? We ideally need something that's hosted online and is free.

Any help on this would really be appreciated! Thanks in advance for your help.

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 It's a nice place to start. You can also try skydrive

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Depends if you need information management or records management, how big an organisation and how complex. It's rather like saying 'I need a car'.

This is my area of expertise, so if you would like some help, drop me a message. 


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 Hi Tim,

Thanks a ton. I will drop you a PM with more specific details.



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Hi Guys,

Still looking for some ideas on this one. Thanks. 

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You can put documents in different folders and control access to the individual folders.  The documents can be in just about any format so you have lots of flexibility.  Would that provide the type of separation and control you want?


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 Hi Steve,

That's the system we have in place at the moment. It does the job, but just isn't efficient or scaleable enough. We keep updating documentation all the time and want it to be well organised in sections, links to different pages and easily editable and based in the cloud and hence the search.







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 We use Sharepoint Server for almost everything. You can define all sorts of pages, sites, permissions, etc. It integrates easily with all MS products. It also has check in/check out features, workflows, and versioning. Worth looking at if you're a MS shop and you have someone who is willing to learn how to set up the back end.





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Hi Tom,

Thanks for that. We are based in an East Asian country with little english language skills (Although all our systems and documentations are in English), so I worry about being able to get the right people to maintain the system for us. I have always thought share-point is for large organisations, so not sure if it would be ideal for a small company with say 10-15 people?

If so, Could you give me any idea of what sort of costs we are looking to for say a team of about 10-15 people? 



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You need a wiki, there are some free ones out there.