BLUF - unsure of timing to follow up to a series of interviews


I have been going through a series of interviews at a firm that seems quite interested. My last interview was Thursday a week ago - two days before spring break here in our town. The hiring manager told me specifically that he would be out of town for all of spring break and I would hear something the week after (this week).

I mailed my thank you letter from the drop box in the parking lot, so he should have received it before his vacation.

Today is Wednesday and I've heard nothing. Should I wait until Friday passes before I contact him? I know catch-up after a week out of the office is torture, so I'm sure he's swamped. I also don't want to fall off the radar.



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Hello TMLIZ,

I typically recommend 7 to 10 days, barring various conditions.  Your hiring manager returned on the 6th day, so the 7th and possibly the 8th day is too soon.  The 9th day is a Friday.  That's not an effective day to follow up.  It's too easy to get lost and forgotten in the end of week activities. That leaves Monday (yesterday).  If you haven't already followed up, it's time.

  Good luck!

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 That's helpful advice!