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All M-T Fans in Atlanta, lets do another meet up!

Where: Taco Mac, Perimeter Mall

When: Sunday, May 4th, 5:00pm

Format: we've always kept the meet up very casual. Its really just a sit, relax, and share career and MT stories, experiences, ideas, etc. We typically just have a drink and some order dinner.

Respond to this thread if you're interested so I know how big of a table to get.


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I'll have finished clearing away the aftermath of a Toastmasters conference by the time we meet.

Looking forward to meeting folks!


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 I plan to be there.




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I'll be there!

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Look forward to seeing all of you.

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Hey guys -- I noticed this thread today and wanted to share that we'll be in Atlanta (Stone Mountain) with our conferences on May 13-14 if you'd like to attend. On Tuesday, May 13th, we'll open our Q&A at 5:30 pm and you're all invited! :-)

If you have any questions, please drop me a note at [email protected].


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Awesome!! I'll definitely be there! Hopefully we'll be able to persuade more folks to join our meet ups as well.

Dani, I attended the conference in Toronto 2 years ago and in ATL (many years) before. It will be great to see you again and get at least a bit of the 'MT conference high' at the Q&A : )






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Thank you, Alex and Paul and Adam, for wonderful conversation.  Great fun and I'm keeping my pencil close at hand, to pop the next meet-up into my calendar, when we choose the date.

Thanks, Dani, for the invite, but I'll have to miss it this time around.  My wife will be traveling that week and I get to haul my daughter Dahlia around.  Your "high-S ready-aim-fire" example from the training gave me inspirations on how to change up interactions with her.  Dahlia's got more S in her default than I originally guessed ....

-- Joseph

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Hi all, from Atlanta. Hopefully there will be another meet-up soon.