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 Thanks for the incredible conferences in Sydney this week!

 The simplicity and practicality of the material makes these conferences so worthwhile - even if you need to travel. 

 By about lunchtime on the first day, Mark had all 50 of our names memorised.

The conferences were interactive, even during the "sit down" sessions, and the "stand up" parts were invaluable - I loved being able to practice the techniques with others before implementing them in my workplace. The conferences have really boosted my confidence in using the tools. 

And after arriving back at work today, I realised it's not just terms like awesome, wicked and bitchin' that high I's use, but cray cray is another favourite.

 Anyone else here in the forums go to the Sydney conferences? Would love to connect.




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Hi Tegan.  

I could not agree more.  Best training ever.  And a great group of attendees to share the experience with.

private message me your name and email if you want to connect.  I would like to keep in touch with anyone who may be interested in the occasional meet up of like minded Aussies.

kind regards




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It was a fantastic conference it was great to put the podcast theory into action and see how it plays out in real world situations.

I loved the value that the attendee's added during the Q&A. I don't know how Mark does it presenting. I was exhausted both days just participating.


Happy to keep in contact.



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We're thrilled to hear you enjoyed the conferences in Sydney! I know Mark had a blast with all of you.

Thanks for sharing your comments here!