How do you change your own future behavior after going through a few bad bosses and co-workers?

I know most companies have nice people who are average workers, but how can you trust again when we all like to remember the bad and forget the good?

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Your question is interesting to me, as my experiences have been the opposite.  Looking back over my career, I tend to remember the good things at each place I worked and have to actively think about the bad times and bad bosses.  To be clear, I've had my share of bad bosses and co-workers.  I just decided a long time ago to be responsible for my own attitude.

I've heard it said that behavior drives attitude, and attitude drives behavior.  Applying this process in a positive way leads to what I call "fake it 'till you make it" behavior.  I learned that many years ago in a job where I was exceptionally ill-suited for the position, but didn't have a choice in the matter (it was a military assignment).  So I pretended I loved my job until, lo and behold, I actually did learn to love it - so much that I made a career of it!  I believe Mark addressed this in a podcast with the recommendation to "act as if" when you want to change your own behavior.

I hope you are able to adjust how you view your bosses and co-workers so you can also remember the good more than the bad.  It's not an easy thing to do, but it can be done.  And it is well worth the effort.  All aspects of my life are much better now than before I made that change.


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 I found that helpful as well! Thanks!

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Inspirational even. I am working on my attitude, I suppose the first step is recognizing that I need to take a step.


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I think I need to print that response on a card and tape it to my monitor. I am having a bit of a rough patch in my manager life, and this is exactly the right way to focus on making it better.