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I am currently a software development manager at a firm I've been with for a total of 4.5 years.  I left the company 3 years in to take a position with another employer.  It was a non-managerial role with the potential to manage the team later, but with better salary and benefits than I was earning as a manager.  When it became clear that my manager (CEO) and I had very different managerial philosophies, After a year there, I realized the opportunity didn't pan out as I had hoped and that I needed to leave before hitting a dead-end.  Fortunately, I had kept a good relationship with my former manager at the last company, and he made an offer to return into my previous role, which I took.  

A year and a half pass, upon which I am contacted by a CTO about joining his firm as a dev manager.  It turns out they currently work with and/or know several employees I worked with during my 'bad' job opportunity - all of which highly recommended me for this new dev manager role.  

I am very appreciative of the chance my current firm gave me to return, and while there are a number of aspects about this job I wish were better, I wasn't actively looking to make a move.  I have been presented several other management opportunities with other firms since returning, but I declined to pursue all of them but this one.  This one was an opportunity to manage a team of people with which I had already built rapport, with better salary/benefits, culture and commitment to quality.  I am a bit concerned with souring my relationship with individuals at my current firm should I decide to leave again so soon after rejoining.  However, I am hesitant to pass up this kind of new opportunity.

If anyone can offer some perspective and/or advice on my situation, I would be truly grateful.  Thank you.


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It sounds like you have an interesting decision ahead of you. I would probably use an old fashioned pros and cons list to help make the decision.

I can understand that you would feel a certain loyalty towards your current employer for taking you back, however, if you don't take chances it can be hard to get ahead.

When looking at the pros and cons of the new job make sure you also look at what your losing with your current employer. Money is not everything. Most people would take less money for a better more fulfilling work environment. With that being said though, in order to grow you have to get uncomfortable and it sounds like your current employment is more comfortable then fulfilling.

Good luck!