I have an interview for a manager position in my own company next Friday, which happens to be a casual dress day in the company.  What is the most appropriate way to dress for this interview - keep it casual or follow the interview guidance?  There are outside applicants for this position also, but I don't think any of them will be interviewed on the Friday.  I currently report to the hiring manager while the manager position is being filled.

Interested in what people might think the best way of dealing with this is?





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How you're dressed has an effect on how you're perceived, and during the interview, more than any other time during your working day, you want to be perceived as the efficient professional you are.  That means defaulting to at least your usual business wardrobe, with a weighting towards the "better" end of your wardrobe.  The fact that external candidates won't be interviewing on the Friday doesn't change the situation -- you're being compared to them, and you don't want to lose points in the subconscious of the interviewer because you dressed down.


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 Wearing a suit makes you feel more formal which is what the interview is. Also you don't want to get too casual especially considering you know your manager. It's easy to relax and assume they know about you already. Also what will the interviewer be wearing? You'll regret wearing your jeans when they're suited up. 

So as Matt said "suit up". 

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Cheers.  I was in 2 minds but I think what you are suggesting is good advice.  The psychological aspect of being in a suit is probably as important  as the perception of the interviewers.

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 There's a podcast for this in the interview series.  It explains that not only should you wear a suit, but that there is a right kind of suit to wear.  It explains how to have the pants fitted, what color tie to wear, and a number of other details about your appearance that will help to make your message more powerful in the interview.  I highly recommend that product!

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The Interviewing Series is a treasured investment and the interview attire podcast thoroughly addresses this issue. In short, by dressing up, you're conveying the importance of the interview and you always have the option of making dressy attire less formal if needed. Go for the suit. 

And good luck!