Is there anyway possible to do a effective Trinity roll-out in a few months?

  I go into my company's stores that are ranked bottom of their district, region or brand. Rarely I have more then nine months per store/team before I am off to the next location. Currently I have started the one-on-one's with the Sales Leadership Team as soon as I get there, which gives me a return on my time no matter the later outcome in every store. Usually I need to hire a Store Manager, if not a Co-Manager as well, for the location- so I attempt to pass the roll-out along to them so it's continued and successful matrix stay in place going forward.  If I could also roll out more of the Trinity while there I know it would give me and my company better insights and could be a great long term for the store as well.

   I would love to have thoughts on what I can speed up in the roll-out to get a high performing team in place while maintaining the absolute effectiveness the Trinity brings to those teams..... Thank you for any advice you might share! 


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 I'll start by stating that I'm an individual contributor - so please take what I say with a grain of salt. 

Quick Summary:

-Hold O3's with the manager individually

-Have the manager hold O3's with his directs (you may want to sit in on these - but the manager should conduct)

-Coach the manager on the rest of the trinity (especially feedback)


Who is there for the long run? It sounds to me like your in these stores in more of a training capacity than a long-term manager position. Is that right? If that's the case, here is what I would do. Start rolling out the trinity as per the schedule recommended by MT. Don't worry about how long you are going to stay there, because your main goal should be to turn the long-term manager into an MT manager so that this all continues while you move on to the next store. Start by having the long-term manager run the O3's with her directs (though you may want to sit in on them to get to know the employees as well as effectively coach the manager on how to conduct an O3). Also, hold O3's with the manager as if the manager were your direct (which he may, in fact, be - I don't know) both so that she can get used to the feel of O3's as well as so you can build a good relationship with him. Coach her on all things MT especially the feedback model. That way she can effectively use feedback even if you're not there to see it. 6-9 months is more than enough time to make this manager a MT believer. While she won't be perfect at the 6-9 months, she will definitely be on track to have continuous improvement. 

Good luck!