Last month we had our annual review result and I was really disappointed that I was given a grade of 2 - metrics of 1 to 4, 4 being the highest.

Last year my manager resigned so his local task was transfered to me. Instead of hiring a new manager, im now an L3 guy with M1 tasks. Im now reporting to a senior regional manager in a different country. I did everything i'm asked to do, even asked for more (over performing. hoping to be considered for promotion). approaching the review, i was confident to get at least a grade of 3 or 4 because I performed really well despite im only L3. but did not happen to my desmay. The feedback i got why I only got grade of 2:

  • No project plan  - No one asked me to submit anything aside from my results. I have my project plan but I  was not informed that I need to send it. If it was asked during the final review, I could have sent it.
  • Made out of the topic questions during meetings - all throughout the year, this was not mentioned to me. On fact, im commended several times for participating well. again, it didnt came up during the review, i could've defended myself. not on the results phase where any response wouldnt merit anything. 

I felt like I was graded in terms of what they expect from an M1 and forgot the fact im L3 skill-wise.

  1. How should I approach the next annual review?
  2. Im thinking, should I ask him to lay down the metrics before starting a project that I'll be doing (i.e. what can warrant me a grade of 2, 3 or 4 in an L3 guy)?
  3. I dont want surprises on the next review, how can I communicate that to my boss without sounding i want to be micromanaged (which I dont)?
  4. I asked for a raise all because I have a lot of M1 task which Im still waiting for response (deadline for appraisal is October). Will it be too greedy if I ask for promotion next fiscal year In case I get a raise?
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Hello Z Paul,

Sounds like this review was not handled the MT way.  It could be that with the change of management there was a disconnect.    I would ask for a meeting to understand how you are going to be measured for this year.  I would ask a lot of questions to understand what good looks like.  For example, "at the end of this year for me to be considered for a 3 or 4, what would I have accomplished".  Then drill down for specific measurable things.  Try to capture goals and milestones that can be measured.   Then I would summarize this in writing to you manager so everyone is on the same page.

Make sure you approach is not confrontational.  Your approach should be that you want to help your boss and the organization achieve it's objectives.  You want to understand your contributions fit in on that and how you know you are on track.