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In The Corky Story - Part 2 Mark mentions that his second favorite management author is Fredmund Malik. (Mark's favorite, of course, is Drucker).

What book or books by Fredmund Malik do manager's on the forum recommend?

Which one or ones are the best to start with?


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I have read Management: The Essence of the Craft.  It is book one in a six book series that I don't believe have been published completely (in English)

The book has both good and bad parts, and includes some very timely information about economic problems with the American economy.  Those parts are historically fascinating to read, but do not help the book overall. 

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 Thanks for the recommendation Ted! I am going to add that one to my list.

I also saw a few weeks back that Mark mentioned Dr. Malik again, in Things I Think I Think, and recommended "Managing Performing Living" and "Uncluttered Management Thinking". I haven't read those either yet, but I'm looking forward to it!



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I have both and appreciate Dr. Malik's writing. Both are recommended!

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This book by fredmund Malik got a 5 stars rating : Managing Performing Living: Effective Management for a New World - Second Edition