I recently got a raise for my previous year performance. But its not even half of what I was expecting. Will it be too much if i inform my boss that I would like to work on a promotion next year?

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Timing when looking for a promotion is more about tenure than proximity to a raise.  If you've been somewhere for less than a year, in most industries, then it's usually considered a little presumptuous to start talking about promotions.  Exceptions might exist for some very fast-moving industries/companies, or if you were hired in "overqualified", or if you've done work widely acclaimed as being absolutely spectacular.

There's two sorts of promotions, though -- at least if you're currently an individual contributor.  There's a move up the ladder of individual contribution, where you're getting better pay and more responsibility, then there's a move onto the managerial "career track".  Most companies unfortunately see only one ladder -- management -- and don't consider developing non-managerial staff in anything more than a desultory, ad-hoc fashion.  If you're in a company like that, you really need to consider whether you want "a promotion", because it will come with managerial responsibilities.  Let me tell you, management is a change in the kind of work you do, not just a matter of degrees.  If all you're looking for is more money, you'll want to do some serious soul-searching before you essentially take on what is, essentially, a career change.

There is a recent podcast series on "getting ready for a promotion" which is probably worth listening to in order to give you more details about what you should be looking to do to get you ready.