I am in the process of generating copy for my consulting web site. As a part of the work, I am assessing my reputation/brand that will be central to the site content. I have several introspective ways to do identify my personal brand, but believe it is important to gather how others see me to gain a bigger perspective. I also need to run a validity check on my own perceptions. To get this information, I am looking at some of the on-line resources for performing a survey of many of my contacts. Has anyone used any of these services and if so what is your satisfaction with the use?

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That was good to hear, and it is motivational and inspirational to hear inviduals running own business with utmost perspective. Hopefully with the help of this site, who manage my business branding, I can be more positive.

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Sorry, I have deleted this one for double posting,

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 What I ended up using is 360Reach I used the pay for use and had a pretty good response rate from the people that I selected to survey. I listed about 40 people. The results were helpful and gave me the perspective was seeking to see how others see me.