Not exactly M-T related but hoping someone here may have a resource I can use. We are modifying our job descriptions a bit to refine the role of business analyst.  There's a strong data component.  I've been scouring the internet for a basic assessment of analysis skills and while there are plenty of options none jump out at me as being especially awesome.


Does anyone here have a resource they would recommend for something like this?

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 If you are talking about the interview process, one of things I do for someone who has to understand the business and solve problems within it is to ask them to draw the process involved in running either a pizza shop or Chinese restaurant.  The task takes 20 minutes.  They are asked to draw all the actors, systems and processes.  After they are done you can see how  they think, how complete their thinking is, and how well they can solve this task.  I use this for roles like this along with a bunch of other behavioral questions.  I have found that exceptional business analysts are very good at this type of task.