I am on the fence about the new combined license.  Paying less is nice.

When I had two - essentially a personal (career) and work (manager) separated licenses it made it easy to manage a public and private profile.  For instance, if I'm asking in the forums about something that might be construed as a situation at work, I would prefer to be anonymous - for I am increasingly telling my directs where "all these crazy ideas" are coming from.

So I still have two logins/profiles, but now to choose which pays - or pay twice and effectively pay more - I can justify that work pays, but then the private login will not get to all the content.  What have folks done in this situation? Am I missing something obvious?



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Use one account for content and the non-anonymous posting and use the other account for anonymous posting? I'm unclear why you are tying access to content and posting. Those seem like separate items that need not be tied to each other.

Scott Delinger

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