Hi all,

Yesterday I listened to the 'How to read a book' podcast,  and was pleasantly surprised to hear that my own note taking approach was in line with Mark's recommendations.

However,  like a lot of people over the last couple of years I've been making increasing use of eReader products like the Kindle and iPad.  and this places an obvious difficulty in how to record notes.  The kindle in particular I find really hard to tag things of interest, so much so that I now do all my reading via an iPad. 

I'm wondering if anybody could share some ideas of how they support the note taking approach with eReader products.  Specially are there any iPad apps that make this stuff easy?


... Ian Hayes






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Hi Ian, I avoided e-readers for a while as I love holding a 'real' book. However when I got a Kobo for Christmas a couple of years ago, I haven't looked back (I have easily tripled my reading habits being able to pick up any device and continue where I left off).  I use it for fiction and non-fiction.

When reading non-fiction, I use the highlight function within Kobo on whatever device I'm using (the Kobo e-reader itself, my Samsung, iPhone and iPad. I can then go back and just check out the highlighted text.  I can then note that in Evernote to keep in the relevant project folder (for whatever reason I might have highlighted it for).

I believe you can highlight text in Kindle too and it is also available on any device. I use Kindle for iPhone and iPad for books I can't get on Kobo and purchase from Amazon.

Good luck!