Robert F. Mager & Peter Pipe

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Interesting & very readable. This book takes on the common myth that training is the fix-it for performance discrepancies. While there are times that training IS the answer that's not the case if they already know to do something but don't do it. This book can help you identify the true causes of performance problems and helps you decide whether a fast fix is all that is needed or whether a more detailed solution is in order. As a long time MT listener that loves it's actionable behavior-based orientation, I found this book to give big results for such a small (183 page) book. I would love to hear from other MT fans who check out this book.


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Unfortunately I only discovered this book once I joined the training department after struggling for a few years as a manager and wondering - why don't they do what they're supposed to??

I've purchased the flowcharts/questions that they print on cardstock and have given to other folks who are interested in upping their game in leaderhsip.  They are also a leaderhship/management coach's dream.

Thanks for bringing this book back to the limelight.


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