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BLUF - Anyone have any suggestions for how to write accomplishments based on my job?


Background - I work in the table games department in a large Las Vegas casino. There are no metrics that we use to evaluate performance. My department doesn’t do annual reviews. We also don’t do O3’s or anything similar to them. I’ve listed some of the top responsibilities from the job listing for my position. But I just can’t think of any significant accomplishments to use.

  • Observe all games, players and dealers to ensure accuracy of game and game protection within an assigned area
  • Supervise the delivery and measurement of guest service consistent with the company’s core service standards and brand attributes
  • Verify all bankrolls from previous shifts to ensure accuracy
  • Monitor games and maintain appropriate game pace
  • Provide top level customer service by answering questions, resolving disputes and filling requests
  • Accurately track player actions by noting buy-ins, length of play, win/loss and average bet
  • Verify the accuracy of all documents signed and ensures that all procedures are accurately followed
  • Communicate all pertinent information to management in a timely and responsible manner
  • Maintain proper bankroll levels to accommodate existing or anticipated play
  • Notify pit manager immediately of any unusual activity of play
  • Contact Surveillance when appropriate

If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it.

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I would suggest that you start looking at the accomplishents in a different way. Do not report what you do, but report how you benefit the company. There have to be measures or metrics somewhere. If not then you could (should?) be a leader in this effort. Do you measure deals per hour, length of stay, average spend per costumer, incidents of theft, etc...? Even though these may not be metrics to measure your performance specifically you can point to them as accomplishmnets.

ie.. reduced losses by improved dealer training to protect game.  Increased patron average stay through positive customer interaction and explaination of patron perks, Increased security through proper money management and drop procedures, prevented loses through identification of x number of unusual activities over a one year period. These will work even better is you can quanify them... increased average play time by 20 minutes for patron by XYZ.

If there are no measures you can point to then there are no measures they can point at to refute your assertion of greater profits, more deals per hour, etc...


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You can also add :


Do you have exceptional attendance and promptness at work ?

Attending and participating at Staff meetings and other Staff events


Assisting with staff things like planning Appreciation events, or holiday parties.

Participated with Training events ?

Helped put on or initiate training events ?


How Many times did you contact the Pit Manager or Security surveillance and it actually yielded some benefit ?


Do they ever ask you to train or show extra work tips & tricks to other employees ?  
Training and/or mentoring others... Who ? how many ?  How many hours spent ?


Just throwing some things out there.

Good Luck