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HI all,

I think I have heard every single Podcast.

I don't remember any of them specifically addressing the topic of building your Network by joining Professional Organizations.

Does Manager Tools / Career Tools have reccomendations about this topic ?

It seems to me that joining and being active in such things would be very important.

Does anybody remember a Podcast about this ?

Or should we add it as a suggested Career Tools - Podcast suggestion?




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I don't recall a specific podcast about this, but I had thought this was mentioned both in one of the original networking casts. I also remember hearing something to this effect in the more recent (but still a couple years old) casts on conducting a job search.

Personally I think they provide great value, as long as they are specific to your industry or function. I wouldn't bother with the more general business networking organizations - I've never really heard anything good about them.


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In my experience, it's very dependent on the specific professional organization and how engaged it's members are. I have one industry organization that's extremely specific and relatively engaged. It's conference is one of the best for networking and meeting related people in the industry, and it's members are engaged and responsive to other members. I've been a member of another organization where it existed to support it's sponsors, and essentially became a mailing list for spam.

They're definitely valuable to start to meet people, and also often help keep you up-to-date, but be wary of the poor orgs. Once you've made the connections, deeper relationships and networking are up to you.