My boss just asked me about something that came up under a Google Alert for my name. The referenced page was just something innocuous on LinkedIn, but now I know that he's got a constant search on me. I have launched a quiet, active search for my next position, and I was considering following the CT guidance for posting my resume to some job boards soon. Now that I know I'm on a constant Google Alert from my boss, should I avoid creating a profile with resume on these sites (e.g., Monster, Simply Hired)?

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It's hard to guess at your boss's intent with the google alert, but it's possible he might be paranoid about retention. It's also hard to say how he would react if he found out you had posted your resume on a job board.

Whether you post your profile depends on what you think the reaction would be if your boss found out. Could you have an open conversation and say something to the effect of "I am not actively seeking another job, but it's in my best interests to be open to new opportunities". I would assume you are having some type of development discussions with your boss and talking about what you want to grow into next, and he should be aware if there are development goals you have that are not being met in your current position.

I personally don't think you would get much out of having your resume posted. It is more exposure, but I think a very small percentage of hires are made through that type of candidate discovery.

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Thanks Jib88 for your response. I definitely agree that there is an element of paranoia here. We have a small team in a small organization, and any time I've ever been out for a personal appointment he asks if it was for an interview. Even though he's been a great boss and has done much to facilitate my professional growth, there are many factors beyond his control that are contributing to my desire to move on. I will heed your advice to avoid public posting of my resume (beyond LinkedIn, of course).  I appreciate the insight!

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My state has a partnership with, and as an Employer I can get a daily email with potential fits for my positions. A summary of 5-10 resumes daily only including the ones updated the previous day.    

While I am not currently hiring, if I see someone who looks exceptional, I'll reach out to them for a very informal interview. I'm upfront beforehand to tell them that I don't have an open position, but I like to know good people in the community. It's my way of building a bench so that if I do have an opening, I  have relationships with good people.

As you can imagine, if someone from my company updates their resume, the filters typically send me their resume. They have the skills I'm looking for (that's why I hired them in the first place).

It does happen from time to time. Listen to the current set of podcasts "When your direct resigns".  It may give you an insight into what your boss is thinking.

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From my understanding of MT/CT guideance, there's no risk if you are open to opportunities. There might be a few exceptions. Take what you like & leave the rest.