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Just a quick question: Often I got contacted by recruiters for an open position. Often these recruiters don't bother reading my profile and offer a position which isn't a good fit. After I politely decline, they offer to help me with my recruitment needs for my team.

I consider this highly unprofessional, or is this the standard case with recruiters. How do you respond?


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Just say, "No, thank you." Their job is to sell. To sell, one needs a product or service and a buyer. Since you won't be the product, the recruiter is seeing if you might be a buyer. What do they have to lose? You weren't a client before they asked. If you say, "No," you still aren't a client.

Unprofessional? Not really. They're just doing their jobs, looking for more clients or buyers.

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Just pleasantly say "no thank you", and not knowingly take their calls afterwards.  After all, if he matches poorly for me the candidate, why must I expect he'll match well for me the hiring manager?  [/me shakes head sadly]

Not sure how common this behavior is with recruiters in general.  I only notice the ones who don't dismiss themselves.  >:-)