Thanks in advance for your feedback.

I have been at my current position for about 1.5 years. The company is in hyper-growth. My team will probably double (5 to 10) in the next year. I am good, not great at my job. I'm not passionate about it. I like my team. I've been approached about a latteral change, same team (accounting) different function. At first glance, I don't seem super interested in the position (although, I recognize I need to read up on it). The attractiveness comes in doing something different. I don't want to get too specific, but maybe you can message me and I can get specific.

Question: I'm looking for any advice around being approached for a latteral departmental job change. I know I don't have much time to think about this, if I want it I should know, and I should express this. Help appreciated!

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Is the new position a developmental role where you'll gain broader knowledge and increase your value to the organization? Is the new position a better "fit" for you?

You stated you're good, but not great, in your current role. Maybe somebody is offering you the opportunity to shine and/or grow.

Those are the question I would ask myself if I were in that situation.

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Been there, done that, as the saying goes.  Here's what I've considered in similar situations.

Who are the others you'll be with after the move?  Are they co-workers you want to have?

You say "lateral move" while your team doubles in size.  Are you currently managing the team, acting as a team lead, or an individual contributor?  Moving laterally as a low-level manager (with no change in team size) seems to me like it'd be less of a challenge than going from five to ten direct reports.  Moving as an individual contributor would be somewhat more challenging because of the change in the nature of the work;  even more so as a team-lead because what you're guiding changes.

High growth means communication patterns will alter to handle the extra volume.  Will this potential change fit you better?  Will it make better use of your current skills and understanding?  Chat up your boss about it, and/or whomever approached you about the role.

How would such a change fit into your intended path in career and life?  How will its rhythms change yours, and do you want that?