Some time ago i set up a separate GMAIL address to handle my latest job applications, because you can get many emails from a variety of sources. A thought struck me that this may not be a good idea for several reasons, One being that because we connect with so many different people and groups in so many ways such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and probably many more , that it may seem a bit strange if i had   connections with some people and organizations with a Job Hunting E-Mail and others with my permanent E-Mail.

I'm wondering what is the best way to use these resources for personal life, professional life and limited time projects such as job hunting. I'm also wondering what my current employer may think of me having many career/job hunting connections.

Any advice folks ?

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I have a separate Gmail account that I use for my career.  It is tied to my linked in, my manager tools and other career related websites.  I keep that completely seperate from my personal email address and my work email address. 

When there is crossover between my personal life and my career, I manage those contacts and make sure they are aware there are two different email addresses.  In this day and age, it's not uncommon.

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Thanks for your feedback. My greatest concern is that as part of a job hunting campaign, we connect to various people, organizations using LinkedIn,Google+, Twitter etc and although some connections can be explained , an outbreak of activitymay draw attention , especially if i already have connections pertaining to my current employer.

Last night i came to the conclusion that my biggest issue was around Google resources. mainy YouTube and Google+. So maybe these resources should be used sparingly and i should concentrate on connecting with LinkedIn and avoid others by default.

I use GMAIL for my personal business , but i have set up a separate one for job applications. If i want to forge long term relationships with people in the recruitment industry so they can be part of my network, i am wondering if having a temporary email address may have any disadvantages.