I am wondering if anyone out there ever receives hand written thank yous after interviewing?

I estimate that I have interviewed at least 200 people over the years and I've never received a hand written thank you after the interview. In fact, I'd estimate that in total, I've received only about 10 emailed thank yous as part of enthusiastic follow ups.  

I've interviewed people in Australia, Japan, China and Korea mostly.  Perhaps it is culturally not done in these countries.  MT's guidance is to send hand written thank you cards.  Does anyone every get one?

just curious


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I concur that they are rare. Which is odd when every job search site out there says to follow up with a thank you letter of some sort. (But then every dentist says to floss).  I would venture to say I have received three or four in 10 years of interviewing for positions at all levels. Even emails are uncommon, less than 50%. Thank yous do not make a bad candidate better, but if its down to a couple of people they can have a swaying factor when trying to measure character.


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I suggest to colleagues that they write a thank you and the question they ask is "I can not just send an email?"

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I've received email thank you's from nearly 50% of candidates.  Though it is seems rare to receive one from a recent college grad.  In 12 years as a manager I think I've only received 2 hand written thank you's.