This was never mentioned in the podcast and I don't really trust advise from google searches. What is the MT way to go about doing it. To send or not, personal email or just a short mobile text?

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I would or better yet a thank you card. I believe we need to keep our network open and this is a great way to do it.

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I'm not sure what MT would advise, but my guess would be a thank you card.   Emails tend to be less personal (but better than nothing) and SMS even less so.   But if you have a relationship with the person, actually saying "thank you and here's why" to them would be even better.

At my work there seems to be a growing trend to send a blanket email to the entire company upon your departure.  While I don't doubt the sincerity behind these, I find them pretty ineffective and sometimes comical.   Usually they read like a bad Oscar speech too "and I'd like to thank X, I'd like to thank Y, and before I forget let's thank Z...."   They also usually end with "please stay in touch, me email is XXXX" which seems backwards to me - surely if they're worth knowing, you can take the time to go get their email!






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In the last 18 years, my routine has been:

-Go around and personally thank all the teams I interact with.

-Change my VME message to indicate that I am no longer an employee of the company, thank the caller and give the phone number of my now-former manager for all business matters.

-Setup an out-of-office automated reply repeating the content of the VME message.

-A small token of gratitude to all the administrative assistants who made my professional life easier while working there

It may sound like a hassle, but my local work market is quite small. All the people I thanked in this way still fondly remember my name, even all those years later. It's still creating a lot of opportunities.

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Thanking & saying goodbye to folks seems like a great idea to me. It makes sense to me. I also seem to recall Mark suggesting on a podcast that you leave it up to your boss to go about making the announcement of your departure. I'm not sure that the two are at odds with each other. All of that being said, I think an "attitude of gratitude" is always a plus.