Hi all,

My question is, whilst I look for my next role, does it look good on your CV to take a menial or unrelated role in the meantime?

I think it looks good to earn whilst your still looking for something in the field I trained in.

Just to give you some background:

I'm a junior project manager with just over one years experience. I was laid off three months ago because the company I worked for had no new business for a year (meaning no projects had been undertaken). Prior to this I worked as a developer for five years.

I've been applying for Junior PM jobs, and Project administrator jobs. I've gotten as far as a final interview, for a Project Administrator role, but in the end a more experienced candigate with four years experience got the role. This happened prior to me discovering manager tools, and the resume cast, so I'm really amazed I got that far to be honest, as my CV was a shocking two page job with a summary at the top!

I've been offered a role in a garage, doing manual vehicle maintance work (courtesy of a a friend), which is comparitively low paid, compared to what I've been on previously. I'm tempted to take it as its still a paycheck, at the end of the day. I don't mean to offend people in that proffiession, as I think it will be a good experinece. I'm also looking forward to trying something new!

So in summary:

1. Should this role go on my CV when applying for Manager roles? I guess the answer is no if it has absolutely no relevance...time will tell, I may be able to find some relevant experience to apply to management.

2. Does it generally looks better to an employer when you at least have a job, rather than waiting for one in the same field (as I'm now in my fourth month of unemployment!)  

3. I'll really need to stay motivated, and keep applying for things in my spare time.

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I'm a professional accountant and when the senior roles were scarce I took a clerical role to keep myself busy.  I was afforded the flexibility to go on job interviews as required.  Although the job was easy for me, I met a great group of people that valued my contribution and so this helped in my attitude and gave me something to do each day.

Good luck!


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hi there

The short answer is Yes, take the job. Everyone need to be able to pay the bills.

Yes, put it on your CV. It is an easy explanation to say that you took it to pay the bills, and satisfy the addiction we all have to food clothing and shelter.

You may also learn and achieve things in this role that may also be of benefit in the future.

Yes it looks better if you currently have employment and you will be less stressed and desperate when you land an interview

More guidance on this is in the latest Career Tools podcasts on career crisis.


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I agree with Kev. Also, my experience echoes Dawne's story.

It has always appeared to me that the accepted wisdom is this: it's easier to find a job when you have a job.

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Take a job to pay the bills. There was a very recent set of podcasts on this very topic. The career crisis podcasts. M-T recommends taking an immediate job to earn income. 

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Thanks for the feedback all.