BLUF: My VP asked for our (his Directors) initial 2015 goals. When I asked about his goals, or those of his EVP, so that we could align to support him, he said he doesn't have them yet. Does that seem highly unusual to anyone? 

This is a Fortune 500 company. The VP had really ambiguous goals last year, but I was able to craft mine anyway. But for him to have NO goals whatsoever while asking for ours - just looks like he's falling down on the job, IMHO. Feels strange that my goals as a middle manager are ultimately driving the goals upward for the VP and downward for managers and individual contributors. 

Anyone else seen this type of behavior? And if so, how did you deal with it? 

Best regards. 

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I've not worked at a Fortune 500 company. I would expect a VP to cascade goals as you suggested. Like you said - middle management likely shouldn't drive the firm. However I do like a leader that is consultative in the goal development. I do a sort of combination process with my team. I have some clear goals that we have already discussed. I also ask them to outline some goals for them and their teams. We massage and edit and some of the team generated goals do make the final list. It works well with a fair amount of pre-wiring and discussion in one-on-ones. C Thanks, Chad