My resume is in pretty good shape in the MT format. And I still know I can do better.

One thing I can't seem to wrap my head around is how to handle Awards. They are not always directly tied to a hard data accomplishment. For example at my last company I was given recognition for developing the communication model used between my company and our partner company.

Just having trouble wrapping my brain around how to position this in the proper MT format.


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For me, I have those written AS an accomplishment. 

Received XYZ award in recognition for developing a communication model used between company and partners.

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Hmm, just seemed like it was breaking the Results, Verb, Action format. Dunno maybe I'm being dense? Reward as the result just doesn't seem like a result such as "25% reduction in time to ship by using a time machine." 

Am I being too literal? 

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I elive MT advises to omit awards as they as subjective and you are better off using the space for accomplishments.

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Sorry about the typos in my response.  I should have proof read.

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Just thought you could write it something like this:

- Strengthened relationship with partner company by developing/implementing a standardised communication model (received XYZ award)

I'm sure you can do a better job than me. But the idea is to basically tack the award on the end, and if you run out of space in your can always chop it off if needs be. The result is more important than the award in this case. IMHO.