I'm interested in people's thoughts on how to go about asking your employer to relocate you. I listened to the relevant podcast, but it didn't specifically address relocating while keeping the same job at the same company.

-How far in advance of your desired move date should you request relocation?

-How should you approach this conversation with your boss?

-When might be a good time to tell your boss (before or after a performance review? after a big project finishes? after a significant achievement?)

-Is it better to lay some groundwork by making your interest in relocating known to your colleagues, or does it need to be kept secret until you make the formal request?

So far, I've considered that the ideal would be to apply internally for a specific open position in the location I want to move to. But this won't necessarily be possible. I'm also aware that if I request relocation, my company may request a pay cut. I'm certain I could get more money by going to another company. Is it ever acceptable to use a competing offer to negotiate for higher pay? The studies I've seen suggest no, but is it different in a relocation situation?

It seems there will be a trade off between making your intentions known sooner (giving you more time to network in the new location and find yourself a position there) versus later (your current boss isn't going to be inclined to give you opportunities for advancement when he knows you're going to leave him and his team in the next year or two.) Where's a good balance?

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Ideally, you have something to offer that makes you the "right" person for the position in that location. It could be a rare skill that would help a project in the new location succeed, help open new doors or markets, or it could be a skill or talent nobody else is even aware you have.

The organization needs a compelling business reason to move you to your desired location. Show them that reason. Don't wait for them to "discover" it, because they might not.


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Thanks! Any thoughts about when to show them? 6 months before, a year before, 2 days before?

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It won't be an event that convinces your employer it is worth the expense of relocation. Rather it will a long term process of you demonstrating how you add value to the organization.