I've been an accountant for over four years now. I don't believe I will ever excel at my career because I'm not passionate about it. I contantly hear accountants say they wish they had choosen a different career and non-accountants scatter at any mention of accounting. Accountants typically work the most (it seems to me at this stage in my career) hours in any department within the company. I don't see myself as an accountant. I've been described as the hippy accountant in my current company. All of these reasons have led me down the thought process of changing careers. I love my current company and would like to stay there.

Question: How do I approach changing careers within the same company? I'm unsure who I can talk to.

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Hi there - I'm an accountant and love it but I understand that it is often a Plan B for most people.  Before you approach anyone in your company I suggest you figure out what you want to do and I'm assuming this will require additional education, training, etc.  Go to your local college and speak with a counsellor as they have tools to help you find what programs you might be interested in and can guide you into the right program.

As Mark and Mike often comment, the company is no longer responsible for your career, you are.

Saying this, if your company is large enough, you can look at job postings and see what the qualifications are and whether you are interested in gaining those skills, taking more classes, etc. Also you can approach others in those roles and find out exactly what they do as some jobs seem interesting but perhaps the job itself is not, as you have found in your current situation.

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I've been eagerly awaiting a response because I've used this forum in the past and everyone on here seems to know what they're talking about. I'll take your considerations to heart. The only thing I would metnion is that my company is a late-stage start up where new roles are being created weekly so I won't have anyone to talk to about their current role.

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Identify what you want to do, what you have an affinity for, and what skills/education/experience you need to fulfill those roles.
It will come down to growing and fostering your network.
Identify your areas of interest so that you can begin to identify the requirements of those positions.
If possible, develop an X-Matrix to see where your gaps are and develop an action plan to close those gaps.
Some of these may be education while others may be experience driven.
Talk to people in your network to see if they can give you an idea of what their organizations require in these positions.

Real world example:
I left administration and took an HSE&F (Health and Safety) position last year and a Site Leader.
I left that same position last month and transitioned into a Supervisor role at a different site with the same company.
I took the HSE role because they needed someone with experience who could fill the role. I identified my replacement early on and communicated with my manager where I wanted to develop and what future roles I was interested in. When it became available, I jumped at it.
All of these roles are in an effort to develop me for my future goal with the company. Ultimately I am a process improvement specialist and I drive those changes directly. That is one of the reasons that I was brought into this new role. They needed someone who could manage people while increasing a focus on improvements in their areas.
I was only able to do this after understanding what my strengths and weaknesses were and what steps I needed to take to improve myself to fill each step.
I have/had a really great mentor who was able to help me focus on those improvements and could guide my actions to show what I needed for the next role.

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The only thing I would add is that there are positions in my current company that I believe I would be a good fit for now, but they are in a different department.

But, let's say I wanted to be a software engineer. I would obviously need schooling for this. Would I do this schooling without anyone knowing at my company or is it better to approach someone within the company and talk through my options?