I recently had a SrVP from my old company in a new division that was recently aquired reach out about a new opportunity.  I really liked working there and only left due to a fantastic offer from another company.

I'm going to discuss the new opportunity with him... but I'm concerned about leaving this new company after only 1 year 10 months...

Thoughts on going back to an old employer?  Concerns about becoming a "job hopper"?


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Good morning,

There is no harm in having a meeting and learning about the opportunity.  You should always take a meeting.  You may very well learn that it's not as good a fit as you expected or it may be your dream job so why would you not jump and take it.

Don't get ahead of the process.  Take the meeting and only say no when there is an actual, real job offer, one that you only want to say no to.

Good luck!


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Go to the meeting, ask the correct questions and evaluate after that.

I boomeranged twice in my career, within 6 months of each other. That short job hop has never been held against me during interviews. Based on that experience, it is not a career killer. However, it may well depend on your industry. I would consider going back to a specific previous employer of mine for a good opportunity, based mostly on the amazing relationship I still have with that company.