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I am wodering if anyone could give me a recommendation on a book to share with my team.   I am a Sales Maager and have 6 direct reports.   Each of them have 10 to 12 sales/service people on their team.   I am interested in doing a book club with them and wanted a recommendation on a book to start with.   Many of them are new in their roles and I am looking for a good book about leadership.   I appreciate your help.

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Frenchie - you've probably already aware of this: MT has book reviews on the site. Link to them here:


At a quick glance, this book comes highly recommended and directly mention leadership in the title:

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Leadership And Self-Deception is a good book and an easy read to start with. It's a little corny at times so read it with an open mind. Reflect on how the book's message applies to things you've done. You'll see how quickly and easily you find ways to justify your decisions and behaviors.

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I recommend The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell. There is a study guide available for it also, which helps very much with group studies. I've had good results with it. 

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Thank you for the recommendations.

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Raving Fans is pretty good and focuses on customer service. I also really like First Break All The Rules and What Got You Here Won't Get you There. The last may be a great choice if they're new to the role.

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It's not a "business book" per se, but it's one of the best books on teamwork that I've ever read. Boys in the Boat tells the story of the rowing team that took gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. It's a great read AND a story of teamwork, accountability and overcoming hardships together. Plus, it will probably be turned into a movie soon. 

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If you are in any type of creative environment I would highly recommend Creativity, Inc  by Ed Catmull. One of the heads of PIxar, he gives a great history of the company (and if you like their movies you will really enjoy those parts) but he also gives some great advice. I work in Government proposals and have found his discussion around reviewing films and all to be really useful for my directs (and industry in general).

Good luck! Thanks to the rest of the suggestions - I had the same general thought of setting a reading group up and these are great examples (plus they're add-ons to my own reading list).