I had an epiphany when listening to the "How to go on vacation" cast. My out of office agent shouldn't say, "Please escalate to $my_boss if urgent". It should say "Please escalate to $my_direct if urgent". My boss would likely have to come to someone on my team anyway. This saves a step and is a good delegation opportunity.


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Great tip, Gerhorn. I've often wondered why things are always punted upward when none of the detail work is done at that level. I appreciate the concept of wanting things to go to a higher level to gain visibility and work toward resolution during my absence but truthfully, as you've pointed out, the goal is usually resolution which is at the lower level. Visibility at the higher level is just visibility without the details and resources to effect change and resolution.

It's been a while and I'm not even 100% sure I've listened to the How To Go On Vacation cast - was the out of office agent addressed? If so, in what way was it addressed?


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OOO agent was adressed. I think it said to direct inquires to your #2. (It may have said also forward mail to your #2, which I didn't do.) I leave for vacation in an hour and my OOO is already setup.

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OOO is always critical. 

For me though, I can neither ignore the emails nor send them always to a #2 as I do not have just 1. 

The company provides me with remote connectivity and a wireless phone so I feel obligated to respond.

I hope that with my new position (not an HSE Manager anymore) I can let things sit a while longer or just pas them on to my workflow coaches.