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Question on weekly staff meetings. If the staff meeting falls on a holiday, do you reschedule the staff meeting for later in the week or just cancel that week's meeting?

What if an employee has to to miss the meeting for an approved reason e.g. scheduled day off, sick, etc. Do you try and reschedule for later in the week or just continue on and touch base the following week?

I know the goal with O3s is to reschedule to try and get the O3 in every week. I'm wondering if the same idea goes for the staff meeting.



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] staff meeting falls on a holiday, do you reschedule [?]

Generally, is a holiday! However, if you are dealing with a vital project then meet with the relevant subgroup.

] if an employee has to to miss the meeting ...

No. For me, it would be too large a group to reschedule due to a single absence.

I am assuming that you are managing a group of professionals who have considerable discretion when scheduling their work tasks. Rescheduling larger group meetings in such circumstances is hard and, to me, breaks the rhythm.

If *you* are going to miss a staff meeting due to travel schedules or a vacation then this is an opportunity for you to delegate meeting planning/facilitation and grow capacity in your team. I have done so in the past.

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i concur there is no need to reschedule.  I treat holidays and fifth Wednesday's as a "bonus out" for the staff meeting - always gets a welcome smile from my dirtects - though Wednesday's are not as prone to disruption for these kinds of days off.  I used to have staff meetings on Monday afternoons (unavoidable) and we had more misses due to holidays and such.

If someone is sick, on vacation, or otherwise can't make it I expect them to have someone attend in their stead.  I make sure my direct preps the "acting manager" to give the 10 minute briefing on results/accomplishments, collaboration, and other things they have heard that may be useful to the group.

On a side note - and to repeat that which is stated above - I also love delegating the meeting facilitation.

Works like clockwork.