I need an upgrade to my notebook.  Can you recommend a notebook for someone who makes $140k and lives in DC.  

I would prefer (in order of decreasing preference):

  • paper pre-printed for cornell style note taking
  • approximately 8.5x11
  • opens wide and flat
  • hard back
  • hard bound - not a refill style

Does anybody use a notebook with style of binding called "smyth sewn" (not smythson brand)?  

Does anybody use the disc style of binding from Levenger or Staples?  This seems like it could work, but not sure if it is "permanent" enough.  

I've seen some notebooks with an "index" for keeping listing which meetings/dates are on what page.  

I don't like the binding in "Red N' Black" - doesn't open far enough and I always have to come up with a way of holding it open.  

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Lechtrum. Fantastic paper, good indexing. The right look. 

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Aspinal also have nice leather notebooks but I can't vouch for the paper quality if you use a fountain pen.

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I've been using the action journal for over 2 years. Works great

Fountain Pen did not bleed when tested. 

Opens flat. Hard Back, Hard bound. Smaller than you wanted, but they have a spiral bound if you really need bigger.