I'm a Software Developer and I frequently (~every 2 months) get apprached to interview for a position. Sometimes by a company directly, sometimes by a recuriter. In general I'm not apposed to these interviews. Currently I'm contracted through a recruting firm.

Most offers to interview come with a salary range that'll DOE. What is the professonal way to handle these offers when the salary is below what I currently make so I know I won't accept a job offer if I were to get one? Granted my current position has close to no benifits (only poor insurance that I contribute to). I'd still like to build relationships with these people but I don't want to put on a show and waist their (or my) time in the process.

I'm listening to the podcast episode on declining an offer but it relates specificlay to a job offer.

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It sounds like the best thing for you to do with these specific examples is use the contact to build relationships for your network. Think of it as a way to extend your network in areas you might not have regular access to, while keeping your future prospects open. I have included the links for some casts that might be hopeful below. It might be that the opportunities you’re being presented are due to lack of knowledge of your current position too. Increasing your network and contacts could change that. Specifically, our cast on Maintaining Recruiter Relationships has tips on what to communicate to your recruiter in order for them to find the best fit for you. 

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Thanks for the links, I've added them to my podcast player.