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last week, my long tenured direct managing our disability area resigned giving a 2 week notice.  She was truly the subject matter expert over our disability programs but has a solid staff in place.  Any advice anyone can give me on how to handle the transition?  I've asked my direct to put a plan in place and let me know all the areas her staff needs to pick up but is there anything else I should be doing?



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Is there anyone working for her who she thinks (or you think) could succeed her? Can she transfer knowledge to that person as well?  Can she help write the job description for a hiring ad if you don't already have something established? What don't you know about what she does? What don't you know about the people agree manages? are you going to put am interim manager in place, or will all of her direct reports report to you?

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May I suggest she follow the guidnace in our How to Resign cast? The cast lays out the steps to go through to get ready to resign and how to do so without leaving your team in a lurch. As well, the Quick and Dirty, Choosing a Number Two cast might help to decide who she can have step into the hole. For a more comprehensive look at the succession question, she could also listen to How To Do Succession Planning. This can be a tough process, but having a set of tools and process in place can ease some of the anxiety. I have included some links below, including our guidance on counteroffers to directs who resign. 


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Very helpful. Thanks very much!