Hi all,

I've been managing, nay, leading teams for about 8 years now. I've moved up in my company which started at about 20 and now is close to 80. I am basically in charge of almost all facets of the company internally now but still report to a group COO and work alongside a couple of peers. 

My issue is that at the moment it all seems just too much. Every problem is mine and although I hear a lot from others about what needs to be done to help manage it I feel that ultimately I have hit a wall and breaking point and I am no longer motivated enough to try to resolve the problems. 

I worry because we have built a strong business with decent process and now my lack of motivation risks effecting the staff around me through my clear lack of enthusiasm to rise above and move us forward. 

I wanted to know if anyone out there has gone through the same and what if any steps did you take next?

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Have you listened to the podcasts on delegation? Not every problem should be yours to solve personally. They should be yours to be solved by your juniors. You should probably also look up the 'casts on coaching, as that's how you'll insure your juniors are able to solve said problems.

You're overloading yourself by the sound of it. Stop doing that. No one can do everything, so stop trying.

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loki :

I sounds like you may other things going on in your life, more than merely lack of motivation at work.

Please take a breath and let yourself know that things will be OK in the short term.
You will get your motivation back at some point.

For now, yes, as MT says, Management is Hard. It is a slow and steady keeping it together kind of job and process.

This is good news. Because, you don't have to be motivated everyday. You don't have to hit the home run everyday.

You just have to be disciplined and practice MT tools and techniques everyday.
And if you missed some today - or messed up today...
You can just get back on the horse again tomorrow.

Every morning you don't have to be that motivated - you just have to behave as if you are motivated.
You just have to do your one-on-ones, feedback, etc. Focus on the important things and get those things done.

Even if you don't want to - or don't feel like it. That doesn't matter.

It is like eating your vegetables. Eventually, you will feel healthy again.

Now - get in there and have some broccoli !!

Good Luck


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I have found when I am lacking in motivation - particularly the kind you are talking about - that a change in my personal time can do wonders for my work.  For instance, take on a new hobby or exercise routine.  Maybe try a new sport or learn an instrument (or get back to one you used to do!)  Coaching a junior sports team is very rewarding also.

Another idea - get out more.  See people outside of work - and then try hard not to talk about work when you are out!  Don't go out with co-workers, go out with your friends.  A lack of play in life really makes it hard to have balance.  I suspect that your work is coming home with you and seeping into every aspect of life.  Being overwhelmed at work does that to me.

Take a real vacation.  I like "all inclusive" styles because you can literaly lay at the beach all day & do nothing except plan your next meal.  Or you can tour and have adventures in a new country every day.  It is totally up to you.  I spend mine reading every novel (no work!!) I can put my hands on and sleeping under an umbrella for about 3 days, then get up refreshed and start touring the area.  It really helps put your own life and problems in perspective.

Finally, stop putting all the problems at your feet. Delegate where you can and stop doing things that add no value to the organization.  Let junior staff help and be o.k. with a few mistakes, that's how they learn.

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I agree with the previous posters- it sounds like you need a change. Sometimes just a small shift or change in routine can help. I’d suggest taking a step back mentally first. Take some time to evaluate the issues and your course of action.

Maybe a vacation, some time off, or even just a shift of focus would help. Go to the gym, or church, or think about refocusing your efforts on personal development in those areas that have been lacking lately. If you do go on vacation, listen to our cast, and dont work! 

Honestly, sometimes feeling like this is our brains way of reminding us that we can only do so much. It might be time to take a break. If you're in the states, next week is coming at a perfect time! Or maybe you have to wait untiil December- the holidays might help? If a week or a few days off isn’t enough (and it might not be) you might need to consider if this situation is the right one for you and if you can change it. Consider whether other changes in your role- delegation, hiring, etc could help to alleviate things.


I hope things get better!