How would folks suggest dealing with a direct who comes in to "tattle" on another direct for violating a departmental rule?  

It isn't a dispute between two directs (which would mean sending the direct to talk to the offender) and it isn't something I witnessed myself (which would be easy feedback).  It does feel like some action is necessary.  But, I am relying on second-hand information, which I don't like. 

If there is a thread somewhere I missed, feel free to direct me there.  

Thanks all!


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Try this thread: 

It boils down to determining if you trust the source of the information and then delivering feedback as if you were there.

Never rely on mentioning who said, saw, did what - you know about it and it is an issue that needs to be remedied.

I hope this helps.


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Thanks Mac,

Those casts were just what I needed!