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For those of you doing O3's - do you have O3's the week of Thanksgiving?

Mine are usually scheduled for Tuesday, but because of schedules, I have three scheduled for Wednesday.  Then they will be out from Wed noon until Monday am.  The we will meet again on Tuesday with only 8 work hours between O3's.

I am inclined to keep it scheduled, but I bet someone will ask - and I have to admit I actually thought it might be OK to skip the week of Thanksgiving O3.


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or just keep one of the 1-o-1's on the light side and have fun/jokes on thanksgiving coming up (or what just happened) or some might have something they want of their chest for such a big family visit ;) in short use the time to build the relationship.

Also, like any other meeting 1-o-1's don't have to take all 30 minutes - its okey to cut it short if all have been said.