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A while back (2-3 years) I listened to a very good cast on MT about internal support departments and the importance of not saying "no." I believe Marc directed the cast primarily at IT but also discussed how it would be appropriate for all groups with internal "customers" including HR, legal, accounting, etc.

Can anyone point me to the cast I'm looking for? I've tried using a few different search combinations and just can't find it. I oversee all of my company's internal teams and the number one piece of feedback I got for the year 2015 from my bosses and peers was they just heard "no" far too much from my directs. I think that cast would be a good place to start in 2016 to turn things around.


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The above link may be the cast you are looking for information on handling internal support teams and requests.

That said, there are several casts which do touch on the topic of providing internal support:

Do you have a paid subscription? If so, you can download all the shownotes, index the content, and then use your desktop indexing tool to search all shownotes by keywords. It's a beautiful thing.

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Thanks for the casts tthuasmann. These are good and I'll take a look, but they are not the one I'm looking for in particular. It was written from the opposite perspective, that of the internal support person, and was about finding ways to say Yes rather than saying No.

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DRD282 - you might want to consider taking a few theatrical improvisation classes. A key principle of that work is learning to say, "Yes And..." to things. This is also a key sales technique. And whether your facing internal or external customers, you are still in sales. 

(Little known secret: successful Fortune 500 companies such as Groupon & Twitter use Improvisers (people who do improv) & the principles of Improv). Good luck. Just letting you know, take what you like & leave the rest.

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I can't remember which cast itvis or whether it is spread across multiple casts.  I do remember advice along these lines:

i understand you are trying to achieve X (listening). Unfortunately, we are unable to do steps A, B and C for you due to other commitments, (at least not until February whichbis probably too late for you) however, we could try doing C and even D for you if that will help.  (Offer to do what you can do).  Regarding A, Bill in Finance may have some of that data already (alternatives)