I have applied to an internal position in my company and have been invited for an interview. It is a Head position in a matrix organisation.

The interview will be held with very senior C-Level executives.

Besides technical questions, what can I expect to be asked? How can I prepare for this? I have almost no idea what a C-Level manager wants to hear or what general direction questions might go.

Of course I have prepared for the position and know what it takes to fill that role. I also plan not to ask for any salary change, I will follow MT advice and would ask first after 8 weeks.

Any general advice?


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The best money I've ever spent was on the Interview Series right here at MT. It got me multiple offers from great companies close to where I live within just a couple of months. It is all about how to get ready for an interview, and nail it when you're in there. I highly recommend it. Especially for someone on your level, you will want to get it immediately.

Good luck!

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A second vote for the interview series...

If MT wanted to use value based pricing it would cost significantly more than it does.  One of the best values I have ever encountered in any venue.  

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I rcently had an interna interview as well.   I was sked the 30/60/90 day queston in the first round  What would be my plan for the fist 30, 60, 90 days.    I was not satisfed with my initial response so I created a 30/60/90 day plan for the second round interview.   This was very well received and in the end helped me get the role.   You may be able to take what you already know about the role and company and use it to your advantage in this way.